As what the title was saying, its celebration month for teachers. Teachers who has a long patient for stubborn students, and has all the strengths and courage to teach all their students. Students whose half of their life was spent at school and the teachers’ stands as their second parent. A parent-like that they would not let their child to harm and would take care of them always.

What sacrifices do teachers’ had given to their students?

As what the students were experiencing, teachers also spend half or sometimes their whole life in school from morning until evening, every weekdays and sometimes even weekends they are at school teaching all the students what they have to learn and guiding and helping them to improve and to enhance their intellectual skills and their capability in doing what they have learned in academics or other aspects of education. In that kind of scenario, do you even think if they can manage being a parent to their own child after that day every day? Maybe you are thinking that they can’t but it’s not. They still have all the courage, care and love   to still fulfill their responsibilities as a parent. In short, they sacrifice half of their life to be a teacher that should be spending their time taking care of their family.

It’s not easy being a teacher. They have lots of things to go through just to make all their responsibilities. We does not k now what are they feeling and what’s bugging their mind and it still does not result as a distraction to them because they know they have to put a smile on their face because they have a big responsibility on their shoulder and have to fulfill it.  All we have to do to be able to help our beloved teachers is to not make their head ache, always listen to them, follow what they are saying and love them.